Last Day

Finally, and all too soon in some respects, it’s time to head home. But much awaits me there, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the girls again.

After some general site clean-up and official photography with scales next to all the major features in Structure 10, most of us working there moved to other parts of the site while the supervisors caught up on paperwork and the BBC film crew worked on interviews in that area.

Shortly after my move over to Structure 11, I found a nice flint scraper, with retouched edges. Apparently it’s one of the largest pieces of worked flint to be found so far, and that’s a good way to end my time on site this year.

The project director had everyone over to his nearby house for food, drink, and company and the weather smiled on us for that. My ride back to the B&B was most interesting. Driving the car was Caroline Wickham-Jones, the person leading the effort to investigate what’s under the water along the coasts and bays of Orkney, which has seen a sea-level rise of some five meters since Neolithic times. Most interesting indeed.

Oh, please be sure to check out today’s panoramas on the page linked above. Added something cool there today.

Off to pack now. Flight to London tomorrow, then to JFK on Saturday morning.

Traditional end-of-archaeology-slideshow sunset.

Traditional end-of-archaeology-slideshow sunset.

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3 Responses to Last Day

  1. Zac says:

    I didn’t realize you brought your anti-gravity boots with you. How did you get them past security? Or did you just borrow someone’s jet pack?


  2. Ken says:

    Guess again… not a helicopter, not a long stick, not a jet pack, not rocket boots… the height is 50 feet.

  3. Zac says:

    Giraffe? Pogo stick? Trampoline? Kite? Balloon? Timer and a toss?

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