Eday Day

The open session last night at The Reel started slowly with only three musicians, but ended with the Wrigley Sisters performing some amazing tunes, especially the one with the fiddle. Astounding skills to be sure, and only a few feet away from me for the evening. I’ll be looking up more of their music on Spotify or buying some if they aren’t on there.

The buses from Kirkwall back to Stromness have an irregular schedule, and given our plans for the day out on Sunday, I opted to leave the music about 10:45 (just when it was getting good) rather than wait for the next – and last – bus at 1:00 am. Upon boarding the bus, though, the driver informed me that because of connecting ferry issues, it would be likely that I’d be riding around on it for two hours, and still end up back in Kirkwall for the last bus. So I opted to return to the music. But that ended (early) at 12:15, which meant hanging out in the bus stop with quite a few highly drunk teenagers.

The waiting passed without incident, thankfully, but the bus ride itself was marred by a group of four American college kids. Loud. Really, really loud. And crass and crude. Obnoxious to say the least. All four are affiliated with the dig as part of a larger group from one institution, as was quite clearly proclaimed from their own mouths on the bus. I’ve never been so embarrassed. About 10 locals on the bus seemed that way too.

Anyway, despite a thoroughly miserable wet and chilly day we took a ferry to the island of Eday, about 1:15 ship time north of Mainland Orkney. We visited a large standing stone and a small chambered tomb that’s thousands of years old. These things are open to the public to explore and each is unique in some way. I shot the interior 360-degrees as well as a complete panorama from atop the hill where it’s situated, but I don’t have post-production software on the iPad, so the end results won’t be ready until back at home.

(No, I’m not going to try to use the iPad to control my home desktop computer again for this stuff. It worked as an experiment, but I don’t have good Internet here and don’t want to waste time abroad trying to pull that off again.)

Tomorrow it’s back to digging!


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