County Show Day

Yesterday we ended the week with a chilly digging day, making me wonder why I didn’t sign up for a project in the Bahamas or Mediterranean somewhere. We spent the day slowly troweling in our midden area trying to figure out the deposition order of various layers, especially in relation to lots of rubble that did not make much sense.

My contribution to the interpretation: we should call it the Rubble Without a Cause.

Anyway… by the end of the day the trench supervisor left happy he had a better understanding of the deposits and a clear way forward for removing it next week.

Later in the evening, a couple of diggers came over for a visit, and much was drunk by all. They recently married and didn’t like their hyphenated last names, so they chose something complete different: Calrissian.

Today, Saturday, Shelley and I attended the County Show in Kirkwall, along with most of the county. It’s not much different from fairs that we attend at home, except that it’s just one day, and all the animals are showed and judged outside. We started with breakfast while watching the showing and judging of a huge bull. Then we visited the sheep, followed by horses, specifically very young kids on led miniature ponies.

Later we watch some horse jumping (the winner easily cleared 1.5 meters to win 100 pounds). There was a dog show, owls / raptors display, tractors and farm equipment displays, arts and crafts vendor tents, food of usual and unusual sorts (smoked cheddar cheese, lobster, whiskey from the local distillery), etc. All in all, a nice little fair.

Around noon the sun came out – and stayed out will past 9:30 pm – so a great day finally for being outside here. We walked back to central Kirkwall, bought some skate wings for me to make for everyone at dinner (with browned butter and capers), and had a very fresh lunch of fish and chips.

Unfortunately – because it was County Show Day – The Reel’s Saturday-night trad music session was canceled.

After dinner Shelley and I went tide-pooling along the shore near our house. We found a large dead eel and a cool mudskipper kind of fish.




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