Hang On To Your Hats!

All night we listened to the wind howl. It did not let up today. At all. It actually grew in strength through the day, and it feels like it’s blowing in some nasty weather. Right now, at 10:30 pm, it continues to howl and bluster outside. The ocean outside my window looks mean.

Because we had so much sun and wind over the weekend, some diggers on site today ran a hose from the nearby house and sprayed their area with it. Others used a backpack sprayer instead. It’s amazing that we had to wet down the dirt in Orkney!

Sometimes digging with this much wind requires safety goggles or very large sunglasses, and indeed some people wore them. Others worked down deep enough in the trenches, though, that they could hide from blowing dirt and dust being generated by others.

For my part, the day passed working in the midden area of Structure 8. Even before first tea break an interesting stone came to light. As I removed dirt from atop and around it, I noticed a resemblance to a face, with the way it had two large symmetrical curving nose-outlining areas, and then the “nose” appeared to be truncated. Others viewing the stone – without my prompting – also remarked on the strange appearance and face-like features. Most thought that one such curve might be a natural flaking of the stone, but two, and symmetrical, not so likely.

That stone remains in situ for the moment. The more I look at it (and as it dried out and the lighting changed), the more it seems purely natural flaking to me. The human mind likes to see faces, and to have this be a human-made Neolithic anthropomorphic stone would be unprecedented. We spent much of today preparing our work area for photos, which were taken late in the day. Tomorrow we expect to clear a layer of rubble and go from there. The face-stone might then be removed for closer examination.

That is, if the wind doesn’t blow Orkney away during the night!

(See the official dig blog linked on the right for news about some cool finds made by others today.)


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  1. Cathy Haines says:

    Great blog, Ken! Your photos are beautiful, and the stories are fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences! Hope you find one of those polished balls!!

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