Homeward Bound

Thursday passed quickly with scraping and brushing dirt and stones to make them look nice for final photos. Over in Structure 10 they found several unexpected massive flat stones forming a foundation or walkway. Their extent won’t be known for at least another season.

We had all four seasons in one day. It started moist and chilly, went to rainy and blustery, then partially sunny and windy, finishing with full sun late in the afternoon and into the evening for the wrap party at the director’s house, just a mile from the site.

My return travel today started at Stromness with a bus to Kirkwall, then another bus to South Ronaldsay’s southern-most point where we caught a pedestrian-only ferry over to John O’Groats on the mainland. There an express bus took me to Inverness, and another bus got me to Glasgow, where I hopped a shuttle bus to airport.

(The bus from Inverness to Glasgow took four hours and cost only 13 pounds. The shuttle bus to the airport cost 5 pounds and took 20 minutes. But at least the latter had free wi-fi that let me buy and download a book from Amazon.com for reading on the plane tomorrow.)

Coming down across Scotland took us through Stirling, where I studied for a term in 1987. Got some photos of the castle there, and saw a lot of signs with familiar names from biking extensively around the area way back then.

Sadly, I’ve caught a cold, so traveling tomorrow’s not going to be much fun. See you on the other side.



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